Culinary Coaching – 4 weeks

Culinary Coaching – 4 weeks

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With this program you can solve the problem of what to eat according to personal tastes and health and wellness goals. As a chef and health coach, I will create a personalized recipe book so that each client can enjoy their health journey and eat rich and varied meals.

This program requires having an initial evaluation at no cost , you can schedule it here or at the end of the description.

The program includes:

    1. Initial Interview to find out the type of diet, tastes and intolerances, level of culinary knowledge, time and equipment available for cooking, etc. (60min).
    2. Personalized recipe book with 20 recipes, being:
      • 5 breakfast recipes
      • 5 lunch/dinner recipes
      • 5 sauce recipes (sauce, dip, spreader)
      • 5 bread/cake recipes

        Note: you can change the distribution of the recipes between the different categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauces, breads and cakes).

    3. Feedback through an online format and adjustment of 3 prescriptions (2 weeks after the client receives their prescription)
    4. Feedback session (20min) with suggestions for variations that can be made to the recipes

    Program duration: 4 weeks


    *free of charge*