Program 2 - Culinary & Health Coaching

This program not only solves your problem of what to eat, but also offers a space and techniques for you to work on your health and wellness concerns with me through sessions and online questionnaires. Together we will find ways to keep you energized to meet your health and wellness goals and live a full life at any age.

The program includes:

  1. Initial session to learn about your history and concerns in terms of diet, health and lifestyle. Also in this session you will define your initial goals;
  2. Initial interview to find out the type of diet, tastes and intolerances, level of culinary knowledge, time and equipment available for cooking, etc.
  3. Initial personalized recipe book with 20 recipes, being:
  • 5 breakfast recipes
  • 5 lunch/dinner recipes
  • 5 sauce recipes (sauce, dip, spreader)
  • 5 bread/cake/snack recipes

Note: you can change the distribution of the recipes between the different categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauces, breads and cakes);

  1. A feedback session so I can develop 15 new recipes based on your needs;
  2. Personalized recipe book with 15 additional recipes;
  3. Follow-up format (culinary & health coaching) online. Based on the responses to the questionnaires, I send you an email with a personalized package with reading material and suggested exercises/activities to address the issues found. Also in these questionnaires we review the goals achieved and/or the need to make adjustments.
  4. Emails/blog with content about:
  • nutrition;
  • tested and qualified suppliers of organic ingredients, regenerative agriculture, organic free-range animal protein, etc.
  • cooking tips and novelties in gastronomy;
  • relaxation/stress management;
  • physical activity;
  • hygiene/sleep quality; Y
  • various other topics related to healthy lifestyle.
  1. Access to all cooking classes and master classes that are taught during the 6-month program;
  2. Closing session of the program and next steps.

Program duration: 6 months