Last update August 21 , 2021.

 What are the benefits of the programs?

My programs will help you recover and/or maintain your high level of energy, slow and/or reverse cellular aging, meet your health and wellness goals, and live a full life at any age.

The main benefits include:

  • Have more energy;
  • improve the skin;
  • Sleep better;
  • Eat delicious and varied daily;
  • Not having to think about what to eat and/or cook daily;
  • save money;
  • Have your personalized recipe book with only things that you like;
  • Healthy and easy-to-make breakfast, lunch, light dinner, dessert and snack recipes;
  • Access to a compilation of nutrition, gastronomy and lifestyle content, including articles from the most influential doctors, researchers, chefs, and wellness scholars in the world. All translated into Spanish.
  • Expand your horizons when it comes to gastronomy and health.


What does it include ? the programs s ?

The programs are specific and, many times, personalized, therefore, they include different electronic materials. In the description of each workshop, course, program, or master class comes the description of everything that it includes. In general, the programs include recipe books, a questionnaire and an initial evaluation appointment at no cost, a meal plan, questionnaires and follow-up appointments, a newsletter with tips to improve important aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as sleep hygiene, stress control, exercise, nutrition, plus access to recipes and blog articles.


How do I know which program is ideal for me?

To find out which is the ideal program for you, it is important that you fill out the initial evaluation questionnaire and make an appointment with me by zoom. The initial evaluation appointment is just to identify what your health concerns are and define together the best way to start your wellness journey.


What if I don't like the recipes in my program? Help me with changes? Do I get my money back?

In the personalized programs there are questionnaires and accompaniment appointments just to define the palate profile of each client and make the necessary adjustments to the recipes.

The programs, courses and general workshops do not contemplate adjustments. However, you can communicate with me and, as far as possible, I will give you some tips to adapt the recipes.

There is no money back.


What happens if I no longer want to continue with the program? Do I get my money back?

I hope that doesn't happen, and the accompanying questionnaires and appointments are just to make the necessary adjustments so that you can continue with your wellness journey. But if that is no longer a priority for you or if you have found another option that suits you better, you can withdraw from the program, but there is no refund of the amount paid . This is because I have dedicated time to develop the recipes and investigate and adapt techniques to improve your lifestyle , as well as I have reserved time in my agenda to serve you.


Why do I have to answer the questionnaires? I can't answer the questions at the appointment?

It is important that you take time to reflect and answer the questions in the questionnaires. This will help you understand your motivation, interest and commitment in starting your wellness journey.

Once I receive the questionnaire with your answers, I will dedicate time to review them so that our appointment is more productive and we discuss the points that are most relevant to you and your day.


Are the initial evaluation and follow-up appointments in person or remotely?

All appointments are remote by zoom or other similar platform.


Can I change the date and time of my sessions?

You can change the date and time of your session at least 48 hours in advance. Appointment change requests made less than 48 hours in advance will not be accepted because I have already booked the time to be with you and have stopped seeing other clients. Please note that availability of dates and times is limited.


What happens if I don't attend one of my sessions?

Unfortunately if you do not attend any of your sessions, I will consider it as a cancellation without refund , since I have the time reserved for you and I stop attending other clients.


What kind of diet do you follow in your programs?

For me, the main thing is the health and bio-individuality of each client.

The type of diet to eat depends on each client and their concerns. In personalized programs, we define together what can work best for you. The pre-defined workshops or programs mention in their descriptions what types of food are included and which are not the most suitable for said program.

Are you going to prescribe me a diet or eating plan?

Depending on the program, I make pre-defined food plans or we can build it together.

The main idea of ​​my programs and workshops is that you yourself identify which foods are good for you, do not cause inflammation, make you feel energetic and satisfy you.

The relationship with food must be very pleasant , from the choice of what you want to eat, the preparation and the satisfaction of eating something very tasty that makes you feel good both physically and emotionally.


What is the best program to lose weight fast?

The focus of my programs is not so much on getting thin, but on health and wellness. As a result of changes in eating habits and lifestyle, it is very likely that you will lose weight, but in a sustainable way.

So if you're looking for a quick and almost magical solution to thinning, I can't help you.